Play Roulette Online

Play Roulette Online

The casino classic roulette enjoys a great popularity among casino fans. Every online casino offers a dozen variations of the game in both regular and live casino versions. You can find out which are the best roulette online casinos on our page.

Roulette – The rules of the game

There are several ways to place your bets in roulette – virtually, the possibilities are almost endless. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Straight/Single – bet on one number
  • Split – bet on two numbers
  • Three of a kind – bet on three numbers in a horizontal line
  • Square/Corner – Chip is placed in the center intersection. Bet on four numbers in a square. Chip is placed in the center
  • Six Line – mix of betting on one street and split, except that there are two streets
  • Basket/ Non-square layout – bet on four numbers that do not depend on the position of the square on the wheel
  • 1-17/ Manqué – bet on the first 17 numbers
  • 18-36/ Passé – bet on the last 17 numbers
  • Red or Black – bet on a color of choice
  • Even or odd – a bet on an even or odd number except 0
  • Dozen Bets – bet on the first 13 numbers, 14-25 or 25-37
  • Column Bet – Bet on all 13 numbers in a vertical line

At a full table in the middle of a well-attended land-based casino, players get about 30 spins per hour. It is important to keep track of your bet. Especially in roulette, it can happen very quickly that within a short period of time there is not much left of one’s budget.

You can place and change bets until the dealer announces his famous “Rien ne va plus”. When the spin comes to an end, the dealer collects all the losing bets, pays out the winning bets and the game starts all over again.

What to look for and how to get the bonus Bitcoin Casino UK?

There are criteria that are incredibly important to find a good Bitcoin Casino UK for roulette. In the following, we will go into more detail about the important topics when choosing Bitcoin Casino UK for roulette.

Customer service

Anyone who wagers their money at real money casinos wants to be clear about the seriousness and security of the online casino.

An important factor here is also the customer service, as well as its accessibility and competence. The more contact options are available, the better.

Live chats now also work very well via all mobile devices, which can be operated similarly to a Facebook manager, for example.

Security & Reliability

One of the most important selection criteria is the seriousness and security of an online casino. Therefore, as a new customer, you should definitely take a look at the license(s) of the online casino.

If it says Malta, Great Britain or Schleswig-Holstein, for example, you can be sure that you are in the best hands.

Another hint are the terms and conditions – the more transparent, the better!

Payment methods

The best game selection is not much use if you have hardly any or only very few deposit options for real money.

This is even more true for the withdrawal options, because after all, you want to be able to withdraw your winnings.

If an online casino has the payment method PayPal, you are on the safe side for various reasons.

In addition to security, it is above all the convenience, because with a short transfer time, you can deposit as well as withdraw with PayPal.

Roulette as a game for all player levels

In general, this is a game that can be played by any player at any level. Namely, it includes both simple and complex betting options within the different outside and inside bets. The different inside and outside bets, as well as the bets on numbers and other options, allow a beginner to place bets on the simplest bets. At the same time, the more experienced player can venture to the more complex and complicated levels of the game. Just like, for example, with blackjack, it is worth studying the rules and strategies more intensively.
History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games in casinos, whether you are in a real land-based casino or take a seat at one of the tables online. Despite the numerous, modern variations of this table game, the history of roulette goes way back to the late 19th century, when a more primitive variation of the game was invented by Blaise Pascal. Since then, roulette has been significantly modified to the present day, but it is still based on the ‘little wheel’, the literal translation from French. The version that is played in casinos around the world today was first introduced in Paris in the 18th century and was played exclusively by members of the royal family.

There are various myths and stories surrounding roulette, some of which are quite adventurous. For example, roulette is said to be a game of the devil himself, with whom Blaise Pascal made a deal to get behind the secrets of game and from then on win continuously. Not least because of the secrets and stories roulette enjoys such popularity around the globe.

Choice of Roulette Versions

Roulette is one of the standard games in almost every online casino. The game is usually found in the table and card game area.

Nevertheless, you should make yourself clear in advance, which variants of roulette are available.

Some online casinos focus mainly on slot machines, which you can easily find out before signing up.

Those who like live roulette should also check whether the respective online casino offers a live casino with live roulette.

Is there roulette for my phone and tablet?

Nowadays, nothing works without a smartphone or tablet. The operators of online casinos know this, yet sometimes not all games are available mobile.

That’s why we recommend taking a look at the section on his mobile device as well and checking the selection of roulette versions.

This applies equally to live roulette in live casinos as well as mobile bonus offers!

American Roulette vs. European Roulette

Play Roulette Online

The wheel of roulette varies in appearance depending on where it is played. For example, if you are in the United States, the wheel has additional space in the form of a double zero on the display. The clearest indicator that this is American roulette is also called a 39-pocket wheel.

In Europe, the so-called 38-pocket version exists. This means that there is only one indicator with a zero. There are other alternatives like the French, California and Vegas roulette. However, the versions from Europe and the United States are the most popular roulette versions. They are represented in just about every casino. Perhaps the biggest difference between American and French roulette is the house percentage of each variant, which is 5.27 percent in American roulette and 2.8 percent in European roulette. Thus, you have higher chances of winning in the latter version.

The largest selection of completely different roulette versions can now be found in online casinos. There are numerous sub-forms both at the ‘normal’ tables, but also in the live casinos and on mobile devices. For all statisticians, the calculation of probability here depends on very different factors – the result of a spin in a land-based casino depends on gravity and centripetal force, while in online casinos the random number generator (RNG) determines the results of the spins.

Roulette in Live Casinos

The game of roulette in itself is very exciting and thrilling, but a live casino is a whole other dimension.

Especially the software manufacturer Evolution Gaming provides a large number of live roulette tables.

The highlight here is Immersive Roulette. Other software manufacturers such as NetEnt or Extreme Gaming also have Live Roulette on offer.

Buy-In at Roulette

Since there can be a large number of bettors around a table in a land-based casino, special chips must be inserted and used. This differentiates between the bets of different players and avoids disputes between players. Each player receives their own colored chip from the dealer.

Different colored chips allow the players present at the tables to stack chips on top of the other bets and still know exactly where you bet and how much. The principle also applies in online casinos that also use colored chips. Roulette tables offer different minimum and maximum bet requirements for both outside and inside bets to grant players a wide variation of wagers for every budget and limit.

Bonus offers & promotions

Promotions specifically for roulette are rare, but they do exist. Forms of them are for example cashbacks, reload promotions.

At some online casinos there is also a new customer bonus for live roulette in the live casino.

Especially the big names basically always have additional roulette bonus offers on their site, which you should definitely take advantage of as a table and card game fan.

Selection of game manufacturers

Not to be underestimated in the roulette field is the selection of software manufacturers in an online casino.

Microgaming may have an excellent selection of slots, but NetEnt, for example, has a larger pool of table and card games.

A tip about the live casino: Here, it is now common to offer more than one software manufacturer. The more manufacturers, the more live tables – especially in the roulette area!

Roulette table appearance

All gaming tables contain both an indoor and outdoor betting area. The exact format depends on the locations where roulette is played. The outside betting area consists of wagers for various bets including column bets, money bets red/black, odd/even bets and dozen bets.

The inner betting area on the other side is for single number bets. The inner area numbers are arranged in three vertical columns and 13 rows.